USA: Marin County & Route 1!

Marin & Route One 38

There we go – another post with shots from the U.S. After staying in San Francisco for 3 nights (here’s Part One and Part Two again) we decided spontaneously to stay another two nights in the north of the bay area. So we crossed the golden gate and went all the way up to San Rafeal to eat at a Puerto Rican place called „Sol Food“. They had the best chicken I’ve ever tried so it was definetly worth the trip. Weiterlesen…

USA: San Francisco Part Two!

San Francisco Part 2 12

Here’s the second part of my trip to the U.S. – and the second part of San Francisco. Sorry it took so long to give you the second part of this lovely city. After the holidays I had two pretty intense weeks at work – but with lots of good projects. Weiterlesen…

USA: San Francisco Part One!

San Francisco [01]

I was in California, Baby! For 15 days in the sunshine state to visit my beautiful girl there – we had a wonderful time and we’ve seen so many things. San Francisco, Marin County, the Route 1, Santa Barbara, Isla Vista – and that’s not all. After returning on Friday and recreating from the 9 hours jetlag I want to present you my first shots from overseas: Panorama views of this beautiful city called San Francisco!


US of A!


I’m going to the USA! Currently I’m sitting at the gate at Munich Airport waiting for my flight to London Heathrow. This afternoon I will hit a 747 there which brings me directly to L.A. I’m pretty excited about the trip, never been in the US before. Two beautiful weaks with my girlfriend in California ahead – awesome, isn’t it? Of course I have all my photo equipment with me – I hope I can show you some impressions in the next two weeks! So stay updated!

I’m off to California, baby!

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First Day of Spring!

Spring 01

Today was awesome. It was the first real day of spring. It was also sunny yesterday – but still a cold wind. Today the wind was gone and there was blue sky, sun and beauty all around. In the afternoon I decided to go for a walk – and to do the first hike with […]

In the Nighttime!

Night 9

Last weekend I was in the mountains with some really good friends. A friend of mine has a small, old-fashioned cottage there and over the last several years we went there annualy. It is a really calm place and it’s so good to be there after a stressful week in the office. Weiterlesen…

Music is around us!

Tikitaka+Fluff Affair 07

Something like two weeks ago I recieved a mail by a friend. He’s one of the two masterminds behind the electro-indie-pop project „Tikitaka“ (here’s their Facebook Page, go for it and like it). He was inviting me to jam a little bit with them – and the same evening I was playing with Jan and Bjoern in the studio they use. Weiterlesen…

Steaming Satellites – Second Chance!

Steaming Satellites 02

I already shot the Austrian band „Steaming Satellites“ in August last year. They played the Poolbar Festival in Feldkirch and supported Portugal.The Man. You can see last years shots here. I wasn’t satisfied with the shots I made in Austria. So I was pretty happy to get a second chance to shoot the Satellites!




Today I start with a new category: Abroad. In this category I will post interesting and inspiring work from other people. The guy I want to start with is Julian Bialowas. I discovered him a few days ago in my feedreader, MC Winkel featured him on his blog. Julian is a graphic design student from Calgary, Alberta and he has a very inspiring yet challenging project on the way. Weiterlesen…


Ben 3

I recieved my new lens last thursday. And it happened by chance that Ben, a friend of mine, was playing a little acoustic set in a bar nearby – the perfect chance to see how light sensitive a f1.8 lens in fact is. I bought the „cheapest“ of the three available Canon 50mms, but this one’s already a killer. Short exposure time and a nice bokeh in a dark surrounding. There we go. The first shot with my brand new 50mm lens!