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In the Nighttime!

Last weekend I was in the mountains with some really good friends. A friend of mine has a small, old-fashioned cottage there and over the last several years we went there annualy. It is a really calm place and it’s so good to be there after a stressful week in the office. Weiterlesen …


Music is around us!

Something like two weeks ago I recieved a mail by a friend. He’s one of the two masterminds behind the electro-indie-pop project „Tikitaka“ (here’s their Facebook Page, go for it and like it). He was inviting me to jam a little bit with them – and the same evening I was playing with Jan and Bjoern in the studio they use. Weiterlesen …

Steaming Satellites – Second Chance!

I already shot the Austrian band „Steaming Satellites“ in August last year. They played the Poolbar Festival in Feldkirch and supported Portugal.The Man. You can see last years shots here. I wasn’t satisfied with the shots I made in Austria. So I was pretty happy to get a second chance to shoot the Satellites!

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Today I start with a new category: Abroad. In this category I will post interesting and inspiring work from other people. The guy I want to start with is Julian Bialowas. I discovered him a few days ago in my feedreader, MC Winkel featured him on his blog. Julian is a graphic design student from Calgary, Alberta and he has a very inspiring yet challenging project on the way. Weiterlesen …


I recieved my new lens last thursday. And it happened by chance that Ben, a friend of mine, was playing a little acoustic set in a bar nearby – the perfect chance to see how light sensitive a f1.8 lens in fact is. I bought the „cheapest“ of the three available Canon 50mms, but this one’s already a killer. Short exposure time and a nice bokeh in a dark surrounding. There we go. The first shot with my brand new 50mm lens!

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New Toys!

I already announced it in my happy new year-shout yesterday. Santa was a little late this year and so I got my new lens, a Canon EF 50mm f1.8, straight after christmas. There is my new baby: Weiterlesen …

Happy New Year!

Hey Folks,

I wish you all the best for 2011! Thanks for reading Phocussed and stay tuned: In the last days some new equipment including a new lens arrived! Since I’m still a little hungover of celebrating new years eve with some close friends in Stuttgart I will post the first shots tomorrow – see  you then!

And this is my motto for 2011: