Steaming Satellites – Second Chance!

I already shot the Austrian band „Steaming Satellites“ in August last year. They played the Poolbar Festival in Feldkirch and supported Portugal.The Man. You can see last years shots here. I wasn’t satisfied with the shots I made in Austria. So I was pretty happy to get a second chance to shoot the Satellites!

The last time I had to drive about 1 1/2 hours to Austria for the concert. This time it was a 10 minute walk across my hometown. They played in the youth centre where I saw them several years ago for the first time. Again, it was a pretty cool concert, they played a lot new stuff from their upcoming album. They were supported by four guys from Freiburg, called „Infight„. I did not know them before, but they also set pretty much energy free on the stage. Their music is best described as disco-indie – really cool sound with a lot of synths. But now enjoy the pics!


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