USA: Marin County & Route 1!

There we go – another post with shots from the U.S. After staying in San Francisco for 3 nights (here’s Part One and Part Two again) we decided spontaneously to stay another two nights in the north of the bay area. So we crossed the golden gate and went all the way up to San Rafeal to eat at a Puerto Rican place called „Sol Food“. They had the best chicken I’ve ever tried so it was definetly worth the trip.

After having this delightful dinner we went south again to the Sausalito area where our hostel was supposed to be. After looking for it in the complete darkness of the night and a scary encounter with a guy hiking in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere we finally made it to the hostel. It also was right in the middle of nowhere – even without cell phone reception. But it was a very nice place and we started to explore the area on the next morning when we went to Muir Woods – a beautiful national park full of Redwood trees. After hiking in the woods we went to Mill Valley to meet a friend of my girlfriend who showed us around in a ferry-tale-like forrest. The rest of the day we had a wonderful little roadtrip including Muir Beach, Stinson Beach and Fairfax. It was pretty nice day out in the nature – and a wonderful contrast to the days before in San Francisco. The next day we took the Route 1 down all the way back home to Santa Barbara.

Enjoy the shots and feel the freedom we felt! And thanks to my girl for this beautiful covershot wich she took by chance out of the driving car!



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2 responses to “USA: Marin County & Route 1!”

  1. Peter says :

    Oh, here’s the website of this Puerto Rican place if you stop by in San Rafeal by chance. You should!

  2. Thomas says :

    Best chicken ever!

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