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Steaming Satellites – Second Chance!

I already shot the Austrian band „Steaming Satellites“ in August last year. They played the Poolbar Festival in Feldkirch and supported Portugal.The Man. You can see last years shots here. I wasn’t satisfied with the shots I made in Austria. So I was pretty happy to get a second chance to shoot the Satellites!

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I recieved my new lens last thursday. And it happened by chance that Ben, a friend of mine, was playing a little acoustic set in a bar nearby – the perfect chance to see how light sensitive a f1.8 lens in fact is. I bought the „cheapest“ of the three available Canon 50mms, but this one’s already a killer. Short exposure time and a nice bokeh in a dark surrounding. There we go. The first shot with my brand new 50mm lens!

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A Trip to Austria

Here’s another concert set I shot in the middle of August at the Poolbar Festival in Feldkirch, Austria. It was the first time I went to this pretty cool festival nearby. It is located in an old swimming pool which is used as festival venue during the summer months. The amazing thing about the Poolbar Festival: it is completely organized by volunteers – and, altough it is located in the middle of nowhere between the first alp summits, the festival schedule is packed with international indie top acts. I made it to a Pantha Du Prince set and a concert of Portugal.The Man which was supported by the Salzburg-based guys from the Steaming Sattelites but this was only the tip of the iceberg: this summer’s programme was stuffed full of names like Shout Out Louds, Monster Magnet, Wir Sind Helden, Bad Religion and many many more… Weiterlesen …

Get B/W Soon!

Yesterday I went with some friends to a concert of a german band called „Get Well Soon“ in Friedrichshafen. After playing a huge european tour they now play all the big festivals like Melt! and Frequency this summer. And the Kulturufer Friedrichshafen. I think the band and the mastermind Konstantin Gropper decided to play this […]