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USA: Marin County & Route 1!

There we go – another post with shots from the U.S. After staying in San Francisco for 3 nights (here’s Part One and Part Two again) we decided spontaneously to stay another two nights in the north of the bay area. So we crossed the golden gate and went all the way up to San Rafeal to eat at a Puerto Rican place called „Sol Food“. They had the best chicken I’ve ever tried so it was definetly worth the trip. Weiterlesen …


First Day of Spring!

Today was awesome. It was the first real day of spring. It was also sunny yesterday – but still a cold wind. Today the wind was gone and there was blue sky, sun and beauty all around. In the afternoon I decided to go for a walk – and to do the first hike with […]

In the Nighttime!

Last weekend I was in the mountains with some really good friends. A friend of mine has a small, old-fashioned cottage there and over the last several years we went there annualy. It is a really calm place and it’s so good to be there after a stressful week in the office. Weiterlesen …


Sorry folks, I did not post anything for a while. I finished my studies in the last months and it took so much time and energy that I couldn’t find spare time to blog. But I’ll promise that I’ll post more regular in the future. If I will get internet access in my new flat… […]


Here are some pretty old shots I made with an approx. 30 years old SLR. My dad gave the old Pentax to me when I left for a three weeks vacation in Ireland with Claudius, a good friend of mine. It was the big trip after finishing our a-levels in 2006. Weiterlesen …