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First Day of Spring!

Today was awesome. It was the first real day of spring. It was also sunny yesterday – but still a cold wind. Today the wind was gone and there was blue sky, sun and beauty all around. In the afternoon I decided to go for a walk – and to do the first hike with […]

Music is around us!

Something like two weeks ago I recieved a mail by a friend. He’s one of the two masterminds behind the electro-indie-pop project „Tikitaka“ (here’s their Facebook Page, go for it and like it). He was inviting me to jam a little bit with them – and the same evening I was playing with Jan and Bjoern in the studio they use. Weiterlesen …

It’s a Fake!

Last week I went to small hill right next to our city. I wanted to shoot some beautiful pics of the sunset on this day, but the clouds weren’t with me and I only got pretty lame pics. But after the discovery of Lightroom and inspired by this blogpost on kwerfeldein.de I just tried to get the best out of the .RAWs. Weiterlesen …