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USA: Marin County & Route 1!

There we go – another post with shots from the U.S. After staying in San Francisco for 3 nights (here’s Part One and Part Two again) we decided spontaneously to stay another two nights in the north of the bay area. So we crossed the golden gate and went all the way up to San Rafeal to eat at a Puerto Rican place called „Sol Food“. They had the best chicken I’ve ever tried so it was definetly worth the trip. Weiterlesen …


USA: San Francisco Part Two!

Here’s the second part of my trip to the U.S. – and the second part of San Francisco. Sorry it took so long to give you the second part of this lovely city. After the holidays I had two pretty intense weeks at work – but with lots of good projects. Weiterlesen …

USA: San Francisco Part One!

I was in California, Baby! For 15 days in the sunshine state to visit my beautiful girl there – we had a wonderful time and we’ve seen so many things. San Francisco, Marin County, the Route 1, Santa Barbara, Isla Vista – and that’s not all. After returning on Friday and recreating from the 9 hours jetlag I want to present you my first shots from overseas: Panorama views of this beautiful city called San Francisco!

Weiterlesen …

US of A!

I’m going to the USA! Currently I’m sitting at the gate at Munich Airport waiting for my flight to London Heathrow. This afternoon I will hit a 747 there which brings me directly to L.A. I’m pretty excited about the trip, never been in the US before. Two beautiful weaks with my girlfriend in California ahead – awesome, isn’t it? Of course I have all my photo equipment with me – I hope I can show you some impressions in the next two weeks! So stay updated!

I’m off to California, baby!

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